For many years, we have been specializing as dairy cattle breeders; later on, we decided to rearrange our farm and selected a native breed of beef cattle that can be reared in the most natural way, using fodder almost completely from the farm.
Many years ago, Chianina breed was widespread in this area; today, it is perfectly fit in our farm.
Thanks to the abundance of flowers and the proximity of chestnut-trees, a pleasant and extremely healthy kind of honey is produced.

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 Our Meat

This is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world , owing its name to the area of breeding, the Chiana Valley. Ever since ancient times, it has been well-known and appreciated: Etruscans and Romans used this cattle with white-porcelain cloak in triumphal parades and for their sacrifices to gods.
Man has always shown strong admiration for this breed, appreciated forits beauty and lively disposition. At birth, calves are light grey-brown, but starting from their fourth month their cloak becomes white.
Their elegance and considerable height (Chianina is the highest breed in the world), as well as their pride, are distinctive features that commonly led to call it the “noble breed”. We pay great heed to animal welfare, calves are naturally fed by their mothers up to weaning. Later on, heads are fed with fresh and/or preserved fodder from natural meadows and herbaceous cultivations in our farm. In addition, we are allowed to give vitamin and mineral supplements.
We also take great care in the stage of slaughter, our heads are slaughtered between 18 and 24 months.
Meat follows a ripening process ranging from 15 to 18 days, depending on the age of beef, the optimal period to obtain top-quality meat.

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